Rojan Complex

Rojan Complex is a city center in Garmsar. The design consist of Hotel, Restaurant , Leisure and Recreational Center.


Garmsar is a city in and the capital of Garmsar CountySemnan ProvinceIran. The city is located about 95 kilometres (59 mi) southeast of Tehran. It lies on the edge of Dasht-e Kavir, Iran’s largest desert. Many people in the city commute to Tehran due to its proximity. Ghasre Bahram, The Stone Way, Stonvand Castle, the Sar Darre Mountains, and Kavir Desert National Park are tourist attractions located in the area.

Program: Hotel Design . Recreational complex . Restaurant complex

The main occupation of the employer is the management of chain restaurants. The main part of the project is dedicated to a large and well-equipped restaurant, and Deut Coutt.

The design of the hotel along with the complex for catering travelers and transit drivers is also anticipated. Considering the scale and dimensions of the design project in order to realize the implementation phases. The design of the hotel and the design of the resort are considered to be a common pattern with the restaurant suite.


The site of Rojan Tourism Complex is located near Tehran-Garmsar Road. This road is part of the holy Mashhad pilgrimage route. Tehran-Mashhad road is one of the country’s top roads. The main idea of ​​the design of the Rojan Tourism Complex is based on several topics. This collection is similar to the old Iranian caravanserai.

The Iranian architecture of the public caravansaries is based on the introverted pattern. In addition, attention to the desert climate and the warm Garmsar needs is very important. Placing on open and desert sites also causes attention to the special form of the collection.