L.E.D architects

L.E.D Architects based in Tehran started its activities in 2010. During these years, L.E.D has worked on projects across Iran,Canada and Iraq, gaining a wealth of experience on designing.Also, L.E.D earned iso9001:2008 certificate of German company, TUV international. the certificate is  in the field of architecture, urban and landscape design. Also, in 2018, L.E.D architects got the 3rd grade consultant engineers from plan and Budget organization. The organization is just one who can give the companies in Iran certificate as engineers.

Details of Past Projects

L.E.D has worked in various capacities and stages on a wide range of projects from landscape and urban design to any architecture such as villas, commercial towers, housing and interiors. Vozara Tower, Mirdamad Complex, Chasht Restaurant, Fast villa, Tosan Tajhiz Factory, Juan Apartment, Mahalat Bazaar are some of past projects which have been awarded in national and international awards.
L.E.D architects was highly commented in Cityscape 2011. Also,L.E.D was nominated in 13 categories in Middle East architect award from 2012 to 2017 and highly commended 3 times as small firm and residential project of the year. L.E.D was nominated in WAF 2017 as well as 2A asia award in 2015 and 2017.L.E.D architects won Memar Award (the most important national architecture award for completed building) 3 times in 2012, 2014& 2015.Also,L.E.D won Iran interior Award 4 times from 2014 to 2018.

Ongoing and future Projects

Recently, L.E.D works on brand identity and interior design for Clients like Peramoon with 56 branches in Iran, Georgia and India, Hakoupian with 52 Branches in Iran and Melli shoe with 256 branches across Iran. Besides, L.E.D works on Medium and Big scale projects such as 80’000 sqm Astan Museum in Mashhad, 23 stories merinos tower and 88 units Anarestan project in qom,125’000 sqm Lojmall in Tehran and Private Villas and residential apartment.

Sustainability Policy

L.E.D Architects believes that cities are more than simply collections of constructed spaces. L.E.D Environmental Policy is based on a commitment to sustainable development in design. Also,to protect the environment, to minimize the waste of renewable and non-renewable resources and to reduce energy consumption. Besides, the earth is a crucial factor to consider in design. In new designs such as lavasan villa and khaveh villa, both under constructed, no changes and excavated accomplished in topography. Also, L.E.D consider LEED as a tool for evaluating and measuring achievements in sustainable design to reduce the impact of construction on environment.

Areas of Specialty

The major construction market in Iran focuses on private infill residential apartments. And L.E.D main specialty in designing apartment building. However, L.E.D tries the find a new way to challenge with rigid municipality rules and economic matters to create an artistic infill one as L.E.D did before in Juan Apartment, White apartment, Amin and etc. Recently LED Architects focuses on BIM . LED-BIM  consists of specialists of BIM who produce iranian revit family objects, consult to contactors, architects and set the BIM in constructed as well as under-constructed projects.

C.E.O and Founder

Shahab Mirzaean Mahabadi (Ph.D. Architecture)


Amir Mahdi Mastoori (M.Sc. Structure) , Ali Hadi Moghadam (Ph.D. Architecture)

Environmental Designer

Shervin Teimourian (M.Sc. Architecture & M.Sc. Environmental Design)


Mohammad Mirzaean Mahabadi (B.Sc. Sociology)

BIM Coordinator

Sajad Jafarian


Elham Ebrahimi, Zahra Arman, Alalaeh Ayramlou, Arash Panahi, Shahin Taghdisian,  Peyman Asgaripour, Niloofar Ghanad, Zohreh Ghanizadeh, Farbod Vatanzadeh

Urban Designer and Office Manager

Ayeen Manani

Detail Designer

Amir Ghaemmaghami

Construction Supervisor

Amin Karjoo, Vahid Bahmani, Mohsen Moghadas

Construction Installer

Shayan Firouzi

Structural Supervisor

Alireza Najib

Structure Engineer

Mohammadreza Naderi, Smaneh Sijani

Electrical Engineer

Mohammad Bozorgnia

Mechanical Engineer

Behzad Abdi , Mehdi Barghi

Industrial Supervisor

Ali Ebrahimi


Rezvan Vali, Sima Rezakhanloo

Art Advisor

Shahram Entekhabi

IT Manager

Siamak Gholami

Past Members

Ali Roozkhash , Alireza Houbakht , Amin Samani , Amirhosein Talebian , Amir Siavash Ghorbani , Bahar Farasatkia , Delaram Zarnegar ,  Kasra Shafieezadeh ,Kaveh Khajuee,  Hosein Zeinaghaji , Mahan Mehrvarz , Mahyar Akhgari, Marjan Nazari , Mandana Bonyadlou , Mehrnoosh Farahani , Mohsen Khanmohammadi ,MohammadEbrahim Tajik, Mohammad Mehdi Ghotbi , Niki Mehrabadi , Omid Mohammadi ,Marzieh Nabizadeh, Hamideh Nikseresht,  Pejman Yasini , Sadaf Shakeri , Setareh Sedghi , Sepideh Rashidi , Shahab Towliat ,Shahab Mohajerani, Shadi Ashoori, Shahin Parandi , Taraneh Sahban , Yasaman Karami  , Mohammad Bahmanpour, Amin Ramezanzadeh