Melli Shoes Store

Melli Shoes

Iran was one of the Middle East’s fastest growing countries. Melli Shoe played a leading role in that process. Melli Shoe produced 26,000 pairs of all types of footwear including leather, rubber, canvas and plastic shoes a day. Also, ran a network of 200 retail footwear shops. The shops gradualy spread throughout the country.  56 shops were in Tehran, the capital. Besides, Majority of stores were placed strategically on busy streets. Melli shops were easily distinguished by a large colored neon sign depicting the company’s well-known trademark “an elephant”. Also, Signs included moving lights. The indication to everyone that Melli was not standing still and it is always on the move.

Melli’s labor force was about 2000. Of those some 1,300 were laborers in the factory and 400 were salesman. 15 European experts were working in the organization, mainly on the technical side of the factory, but also in administration, purchasing and sales. Later, during Iran-Iraq war and recently due to sanctions, National Industry Group got serious issues and thus was not able to maintain its position in the industry as before.

Re-Branding and Interior Design

After more than 5 decades the melli shoe plan to re-brand. In this plan, renewing the retails would be one of important part. The bastion located in historical zone of Tehran. The store previous location of bastion of Tehran fence which does not exist anymore. Two pillars in retail covered by showcases. The Architect want to hide these pillars in interior design. The showcases combined with benches and ceiling to make an integrated set from women, men, child and sport shoe.

The budget was limited.Also the time was too. The architect focused on Color in interior design. Also, the architect selected the good looking cheap material. The green wall and colored showcases among the black surfaces make retail fresh, shiny, lively and special. Besides, the forms and design is minimal and not so expensive to execute in other branches as a template.

  • Address : Tehran, Iran
  • Design Date : 2016
  • Execution Date : 2016
  • Client : Melli Co.
  • Architect in Charge : Shahab Mirzaean Mahabadi
  • Execution : Amir Mahdi Mastoori
  • Design Team : Marjan Nazari, Mohammad Ebrahim Tajik, Niki Mehrabadi, Yasam Karami, Sadaf Shakeri, Amirhosein Talebian, Salar Khadem
  • Area : 140 sqm