Lavasan Villa

Lavasan villa benefits unique villa design. Also, the villa is one of modern villa in Iran. The villa locates in special site.


Lavasan is an affluent town in Shemiranat County, Tehran Province. At the 2011 census, its population was 28,558, in 7,645 families. Also,The Jajrood River flows through Lavasan. Situated 11 kilometers northeast of Tehran, Lavasan is known for its excellent weather and the luxurious mansions. The town is home to many upper-class and wealthy families. Some Iranians call it the Beverly Hills or Switzerland of Tehran.

Clinet’s Need

The client bought a unique land benefits the panorama view to the Lake, lavasan valley and landscape. However, the slope is too much and face the designer to hard challenge to place the villa on the land with 20 meter difference in height. The first challenge which designer face to would be the privacy.

Idea Villa design

The main question is how to design a villa with good view to surrounding landscape and at the same time all spaces are private and hidden from outside? The villa consist of some boxes slipping above each other make balconies with roofs which are obstacle the view from outside and the neighbors. At the same time with proper depth of balconies the panorama views from inside has been prepared.The Location of villa and stores due to minimize excavation.

A location like this deserves architecture that pays homage to every detail. Also, that’s where this project excels.Open flowing floor plans that seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living spaces beautifully; broad, expansive verandas; corner less glass door systems; luxurious master suites; generous guest suites; and gourmet kitchens are all elements of a typical luxury style home. Also, Get well connected to all the key elements of typical luxurious style home and implement it with style, practicality, aesthetic impressions and designer looks.