White apartment

White apartment is an unique apartment in lavasan. The apartment form is close to a typical attic villa.


Lavasan, a fast-growing region in the north east of Tehran. Lavasan has transformed from a holiday destination to a residential area in the past years. As a consequent, Lavasan looks like a city. Also, the city is high-class and rich one.  The client demanded a typical residential building with 3 separate apartments. Nevertheless, because of Lavasan’s reputation for villa construction and because of the views to the surrounding landscape, the design was diverted from a typical apartment building


The design concept was to build 3 completely separate units. Also, using green balconies and big outdoor spaces in a way to give it a villa impression. The architect Combined indoor and outdoor spaces and controlled exposure from outside. Also, these 3 separated units benefit of separated access. Also, the architect provided maximum view from the interior. Besides, the architect considered to circulation paths around.


white apartment form is close to a typical attic villa form. The sloped ceiling continues to wrap the building as the façade’s walls. This wrap starts from one corner and continues on the façade to form the entrance. Finally, it continues to the courtyard’s wall and the balconies. In this fashion, the building looks rather like a villa than an apartment. Also, the upper unit benefits 5 meters height.

  • Address : Hozeh Elmieh st.- Lavasan
  • Client : Benvidi, Shaffiezadeh
  • Design Date : 2011
  • Execution Date : 2015
  • Architect in Charge : Shahab Mirzaean Mahabadi, Ramin Ghods
  • Design Team : Amirsiavash Ghorbani
  • Area : 900 sqm