Urban Landscape Design Of Naeem Garden

Landscape design of Naeem Garden tries to create an urban space near the holy places of Mashhad; Urban landscape design in this project wants to connect the city to the sacred area.

Mashhad city

The metropolis of Mashhad is in northeastern of Iran and the capital of Khorasan Razavi province. This city was the capital of Iran in the time of Afsharians. Mashhad would be the second largest and most populous city in Iran after Tehran as well as the 95th most populous city in the world. Due to the presence of Imam Reza, this city receives more than 30 million pilgrims annually from inside and outside the country.

Holy City

Holy city (holy shrine of Imam Reza) which was the reason for the expansion of the surrounding city; It is now located in the middle of a city. The holy city also has its own living within the city. The holy city is perceived along the city but is a fragment left over from the events of the city.

Landscape design of Naeem Garden

Naeem Garden near the shrine of Imam Reza is a dynamic and respectable space due to the grandeur of the nearby shrine. It does not appear in front of it, nor is it passive and anonymous. The Naeem Garden is attached to the holy shrine to make it easier to understand in the city. It is a garden whose jewel is the holy shrine. It does not diminish the pleasure of being in the holy city from the outside, but inside it is full of life. Naeem Garden provides an opportunity to become a respectable promenade near the shrine of Imam Reza. The middle element of Naeem Garden is part of the central plaza to prepare for the presence in the holy city.