IranMerinos Complex

Qom is the eighth largest city in Iran. It lies 125 kilometres (78 mi) by road southwest of Tehran and is the capital of Qom Province. Qom is the largest center for Shiʿa scholarship in the world, and is a significant destination of pilgrimage. Qom has developed into a lively industrial centre owing in part to its proximity to Tehran. It is a regional centre for the distribution of petroleum and petroleum products, and a natural gas pipeline and a crude-oil pipeline from Tehran run through Qom to the Abadan refinery on the Persian Gulf. Qom gained additional prosperity when oil fields were discovered at Sarajeh near the city in 1956 and a large refinery was built between Qom and Tehran.

The project is Multifunctional project consist of Shopping center in Ground Level, 6 Stores of offices above, 5 stores assign to 2 units residential and Finlay 4 upper stores assign to luxurious residential units. Designing for a commercial property is completely different than designing for a residential property needing to understand these differences so they can meet the needs and desires of their client.

The site is an Irregular polygon. The shape of the site and percent of construction in each levels and functions are two main reason to create the form.

The residential stores considered as a box with square shaped plan to meet the needs of residents and proper arrangement of spaces in residential. The upper box rotates above the 5 stores residential box. This movement repeats in other levels. As the consequent the building seems like a twist monument. The twist of different parts make varied appearances from different urban views.

  • Address : Qom, Iran
  • Design Date : 2017
  • Architect in Charge : Shahab Mirzaean Mahabadi
  • Design Team : Marjan Nazari, Marzieh Nabizadeh, Farideh Jafarzadeh, Mohammadebrahim Tajik
  • Area : 20,000 sqm