Juan Apartment Has Published in Mini Building Vol.5

Author : Shahab Mirzaean

July 24, 2017


A&C Publishing has published hundreds of design books in Korea since 1971, and has established a higher reputation in the publishing business and architecture society* mostly based on the architectural and interior design books.We proudly declare that we have grown together with Korean modern architecture as following our company motto – “To extend the basis of our architectural culture and to highlight the critical role of design for better built environments.”
We constantly endeavor to play an important role in the industry based on our diverse books and magazines.(1)

Juan apartment was selected by A&C Publishing to publish in Mini Building vol.5 recently. This book has published projects from Japan, France, Mexico, Korea ,U.S.A, Spain, Norway, Thailand, Vietnam and Iran. Juan Apartment was selected  as one of 5 apartments of the year 2017 in Archdaily .(2)

‘MINI Building’ is a separate volume of world-wide ‘neighborhood facility’ architecture that includes an aspect as a vital parts of our everyday. The volume consists of excellent architectures and interior works that realized since 2008. The volume introduces drawings, sketches, diagrams, processes of projects in commerce, business, residence program of buildings include completion photographs and detailed materials.

The Juan Apartment is located in infill site with 37 meters in length and 7 meters in width. The municipality rule minimize the program to 4 stores residential building which is located in 60% area of the north side of the site.
The building built to sell commonly. Constantly the semnan has no iconic or well-designed architecture. Reducing the cost of construction to increase the benefits of selling and neglecting to design and architecture lead to non-voluble construction fill the empty spaces and the city become more none-sensible gradually.
Juan in Kurdish language means a lover’s tryst.

You can check the more data of Juan Apartment in the link below:

Juan Apartment



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