Tosan Tajhiz Factory

Tosan Tajhiz factory benefits unique factory design in Pardis technology park.

Pardis Technology Park

Pardis technology park is a technology park, based in Pardis. A satellite city 20 kilometres outside of the Tehran metropolitan area. Also,The park has been proclaimed the “Silicon Valley of Iran”.The park is located adjacent to a Telecommunication Company of Iran Satellite. Also, the location is at the foot of the Alborz mountains. Land has been allocated here to promote the establishment of businesses related to technology. The site enjoys a panoramic view of the tallest mountain in Iran, Mount Damavand.

Tosan Tajhiz

The Company’s activities in the field of design and production of medical equipment cleaning and disinfection to be launched from 1998. After years of activity, the company decide to enlarge. The 500 sqm Area assign to new factory and office in Pardis Technology Park.

Challenges in Factory Design

The First challenge faced to designers was the existing foundation. The foundation restricted the height levels of underground levels. Due to the special rules of pardis park two levels underground and three levels above should be designed. This area should meet the company needs. Also,The existing foundation should be considered as a lowest level. As a consequent, new foundation should be designed and built on the old one.


According to the physical program, the -2 floor assigned to the warehouse, dining room, prayer room, guard room, facilities and dressing room for the production employees. Also, -1 floor was allocated to parking. The ground floor assigned to production .Finally, The first and second floors assigned to the Showroom, administrative and engineering rooms and the manager.


Producing of specific and Hi-technology products, the display of the manufacturing process could have created a specific visual value for the building. In addition, the showroom could have been completely seen by observers. Also, the building would be representative of all activities of the company. On the other hand, the dense of the adjoining buildings in Pardis Technology Park was not desirable. The more transparent building make more visual space between the adjoining buildings.

  • Address : Tecnology Park, Pardis, Iran
  • Client : Tosan Tajhiz
  • Design Date : 2014
  • Execution Date : 2016
  • Architects in Charge : Shahab Mirzaean Mahabadi, Ehsan Naderi
  • Advisor : Khosro Salarian
  • Studding & Planning : Mehrdad Zavare Mohammadi
  • Design Team : Mohammad Ebrahim Tajik, omid Mohammadi, Kasra Shafeezadeh,Hosein Zein aghaji
  • Execution : Reza Asadi
  • Structural Engineer : Yaghob Abedpour
  • Mechanical Engineer : Behzad Abdi
  • Electrical Engineer : Mohammad Bozorgnia
  • Area : 750 sqm