SANA Headquarter

The Client

Iran Power Plant Investment Company was established in the initial years of Iran’s power industry reconstruction so that it can be helpful and effective as an important agent and at the same time make use of created opportunities. With more than a decade’s experience, this company has managed to invest in several power plant projects and is currently involved in providing electrical energy, operating and maintaining power plants, and presenting modern trade and investment services for the development of Iran’s power industry.

Interior Design

The Headquarter of Sana is current building which is intended to renovate the building and optimize the space. The idea is to make a unified space from entrance lobby at the ground level to the manager store at the highest level of the building.


  • Address : Khoramshahr st.-Tehran
  • Client : SANA Co.
  • Design Date : 2013
  • Execution Date : 2014
  • Architect in Charge : Shahab Mirzaean
  • Design Team : Nahal Hamidi, Mohammad Ebrahim Tajik, Elham Mastoori, Omid Mohammadi, Kasra Shafieezadeh, Hosein Zeinaghaji
  • Area : 3000 sqm