Amin Punak Apartment

Punak is a neighbourhood in north-west Tehran, the capital city of Iran. The 5 unit apartment located in Punak a middle class area in West of Tehran. The plan at the first and fifth levels are the same and different with other levels. The difference between residential. units is represented in façade. The balconies shift from one side to other side. The wooden boxes in three middle levels continues from façade to the interior. The balconies assign to flower pots to bring life over the facade. The big wooden box at the roof top hide the green roof from street views. The wooden boxes combined with green balconies make a sense of living representing on the skin of apartment block in urban space.

  • Architect in Charge : Shahab Mirzaean Mahabadi
  • Address : Adl Blvrd. Pounak, Iran
  • Client : Bemani and Partners
  • Design Date : 2011
  • Execution Date : 2012
  • Design Team : Pejman Yasini and Amir Siavash Ghorbani
  • Area : 1,000 sqm