Happy new persian Year 1398

Author : Shahab Mirzaean

March 17, 2019

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Happy new Persian year 1398. L.E.D Architects wish you a year full of creativity. L.E.D Architects wish you a year full of joy, happiness and peace. Forward and learn from the past experiences and make the future better to live .

L.E.D Architects is so thankful with our colleagues and partners who try to best to make different this year. Also, be grateful with our client who chose us to make unique projects. L.E.D Architects has many different new things to do in new Persian year.

The Persian year begins within a day of 21 March of the Gregorian calendar.The persian calendar is one of the longest chronological records in human history. Also,The persian calendar has been modified time and time again during its history to suit administrative, climatic, and religious purposes.

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